Pay It Forward...
The following blogs are from our friend Brent Owens.
He is a private pilot, advocate and blogger/writer who provides materials and insight for several web sights and publications.
In addition, Brent is also an EAA & AOPA member, always promoting General Aviation for all levels of interest.
We hope you will enjoy these articles. Please click on the read more links and view other articles on Brent's site

Cure for the declining pilot population

Would you believe me if I stated I have a cure for the declining pilot population? And would you also believe me if I said YOU have the cure too?    It’s true. We have the power to manage this problem right now. It won’t take cheaper fuel, less government regulations, cheaper airplanes, more…Read More

No passenger left behind

I have a good friend who has one of the most endearing qualities you could ask for in an aviator. No I don’t mean he always greases his landings, or makes perfect radio calls 100% of the time, or never strays from his altitude or heading; I’m talking about something else, something all of us... Read More

Mentoring Is Giving

Last year I wrote on an article on mentorship in and I wanted to share that with you here and provide a few words to go with it. Of all of the gifts you can bestow upon a fledgling aviator, mentoring is one of the most valuable. This can be vastly more important than.. Read More



Please keep in mind the comments expressed by Brent Owens in his blogs are his own and are not necessarily the opinion of all members of the EAA/AOPA or any affiliates. It is for the sole purpose of promoting discussion as it pertains to General Aviation and to cultivate new ideas from within the community. Brent always welcomes comments, pro or con, at the end of each blog. So feel free to respond to him directly as he appreciates your input.